It’s Gonna Get Ugly Folks – Kerry Strikes Back at GOP, Calling Bush ‘Unfit to Lead’ I think we can pretty much put any expectation that the issues are going to get some serious debate in this election cycle out the window. The #$%& is going to, no has hit the fan and the mud is flying. Buckle your …

A Rant After My Own Heart

Doug Thompson’s The Rant: Bush & Kerry: This is the Best We Can Do? Doug does rant in this article, but he comes as close to expressing my general attitude about this election as anyone else has in print. It sucks to vote for someone you dislike less.

Bush’s Fuzzy Math on Kerry Votes

Only Bush could make a man’s voting record that is consistent with his stated philosophy seem like the opposite. Kerry wants to increases that taxes on the most powerful, me and those who are richer, to support some semblance of social justice. As a progressive, i.e. just left of center, I’m down with that. …

Why the GOP is SOL with Me

In the article, Radio Ads Accuse Kerry Of Not Helping Blacks, I got a good strong dose of why I think supporting the GOP is misguided at best, at least in this election.