Racism by the Numbers

The trouble with racism today is mostly in the averages. Specific instances add up over a population but are not evidence in and of themselves. Back in the day I took the Chinese view living day-to-day: expect the worst and hope for the best. Take the cops. I’ve had cops let me go when technically …

One Time

Just about all of my black male friends know what this kind of racial attack is from personal experience. I am no exception.

It Wasn’t Me

Ron Paul was quite the racist and still is since he hasn’t the integrity to apologize for it written in his name. Only repentance brings redemption.

The Problem is Ignorance

Even when the odds are stacked against them and they are ill equipped to meet the challenge, it’s still their fault.

New York’s Foulest

The Gang in Blue.

I Feel Like A Black Republican, Too

TNC, quotes a commenter named David White who must have been channeling me. I Feel Like A Black Republican: You know, normally something this stupid wouldn’t bother me, but this story really gets under my skin. If they can try to paint Common as a ‘dangerous black man,’ what black man is immune? If they …

Faux News is Complete Bull!@#$

Jon Stewart ethers Faux News: The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Mon – Thurs 11p / 10c Tone Def Poetry Jam – Lyrics Controversy www.thedailyshow.com Daily Show Full Episodes Political Humor & Satire Blog The Daily Show on Facebook The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Mon – Thurs 11p / 10c Tone Def Poetry Jam …

The Racism of Frame

Wow. Ta-Nehisi Coates on The Racism of Frame: On Friday I joked on twitter, the other day, that biggest problem with attempting to write smart is that you end up attracting people who really are smart. And sometimes they write in to tell you you’re wrong. And sometimes, In such cases, your forced to acknowledge their …

Security Theater

Ta-Nehisi Coates on Security Theater: “This is a good piece by Ted Conover pivoting off the arrest of the Oregon bomber, to talk about the convictions of supposed terrorists in Newburgh, New York: These prosecutions fail the smell test, and lately the odor has washed over my own Bronx neighborhood of Riverdale. Last month, if you …


Full Repost. ‘Reparations’: “I’ve looked at this clip a few times where King calls Barack Obama ‘very urban.’ I don’t think ‘very urban’ is a slur for black. I think the point is that urban politicians aren’t interested in rural Americans. In this case, Barack Obama is interested in ‘rural America’ because the farmers are …