Go and Do Likewise

I practice Jesuit (that is Ignatian) spirituality and at its core is the Greatest Commandment. It dominates my life and specifically here, my politics.

Loving Your Neighbor is Communal

This conservative “Christian” idea that the Bible demands individual acts of charity and this government programs aimed at social and economic justice is flat out idolatry. Jesus himself spoke communally about justice and Judgment.

Racism by the Numbers

The trouble with racism today is mostly in the averages. Specific instances add up over a population but are not evidence in and of themselves. Back in the day I took the Chinese view living day-to-day: expect the worst and hope for the best. Take the cops. I’ve had cops let me go when technically …

When You’re Last Year’s News

You’re the Boss: A System That Encourages Small Businesses Not to Hire Older Workers: “I have good reason to suspect that my costs and the costs of all of my employees are going to go up if I hire an older worker… Our current system hides these costs, and I’m sure that this is a …

Comparing Democratic and Republican tax plans

Comparing Democratic and Republican tax plans: SOURCE: Joint Committee on Taxation (Via The Washington Post.) Reason #4080 to vote against the GOP: rational economic self-interest.

Glenn Beck’s Faulty Logic

When we think about redistribution of wealth, it is important to remember that the redistribution in this country is from the young to the old. It reflects our societal values and obligations. Personally, I am happy to have a president who seeks advice from people of faith. Our religious traditions help to lay the moral …

Slavery needs more than an apology

Commentary: Slavery needs more than an apology – CNN.com: But here’s the funny thing: While we white Americans are busy establishing our innocence, it turns out that many black Americans are not personally angry at us for slavery. Many do want authentic acknowledgement of what happened, but not for the sake of guilt-tripping. I’ve witnessed …

Community is the Opposite of Poverty

CNA – Documents: “Someone once said that the opposite of poverty is not property. Rather, the opposite of both poverty and property is community.” (Via Catholic News Agency.) At the recommendation of a friend, I read this homily. Pass it on to the hardhearted.