New York’s Foulest

The Gang in Blue.

New York’s Foulest:

It’s very difficult for us to grasp the notion that cops are human beings, subject to the same racial biases and flaws of other human beings. This is not a plea for mercy on their behalf. It’s a plea for understanding that abuse will happen. A gun and a badge do not confer a “great soul.”

(Via Ta-Nehisi Coates :: The Atlantic)

Amen. ย If they didn’t try to squeeze over two million people on a road that can safely handle half that, we would have most of the real issues in the first place.

The Limits Of Compassion

The Limits Of Compassion – Ta-Nehisi Coates:

“I am aware of all the socio-economic forces at work they make black communities more subject to violence. I’m in all for trying to ameliorate those forces. In the meantime, I’m all for doing whatever it takes to protect the rest of us–particularly young black kids–from hooliganism. “

(Via Ta-Nehisi Coates.)

That’s pretty much the black position. Both-and vs. either-or. But I don’t think there is a limit to compassion, it’s a sense of justice. These cats need to be punished for doing something wrong and unnecessary.

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