Why I Trust FactCheck.org

I received this in the email today.

Dear Subscriber:
We have retracted a portion of our article, “FactChecking Biden-Palin Debate,” and have posted the following correction:
Correction Oct 3: This article originally faulted Biden for saying that McCain had voted “the exact same way” as Obama on a controversial troop funding bill. We said that McCain was absent for the vote and so didn’t vote at all. Biden was however correct.
McCain did vote against the troop-funding bill in question, H.R. 1591, on March 29, 2007, when it originally cleared the Senate. The vote to which we referred, and which McCain missed, was a later vote on the House-Senate compromise version of the same bill, on April 26, 2007. McCain opposed the bill, which Obama supported, because it contained language calling for withdrawal of troops from Iraq. Biden was responding to Palin’s accusation that “Obama voted against funding troops.” Obama voted for the bill March 29 and April 26, then on May 24, 2007, following a veto by President Bush, Obama voted against a similar troop-funding bill, H.R. 2206, that lacked any withdrawal language.
Please accept our apology for our error.
-Brooks Jackson

This is why I trust them.

FactCheck.org: Hillary’s Adventures Abroad

FactCheck.org: Hillary’s Adventures Abroad:

“Clinton is exactly right as to the details of her China speech. Does a tough speech count as foreign policy experience? Clinton frequently says that Obama ‘offers speeches’ while she ‘offers solutions,’ so by her own standards, the China speech doesn’t deserve much consideration. We’ll leave it up to you to determine how much China’s human rights situation improved between 1995 and 2007.”

While there’s always hyperbole and exaggeration in any political campaign as a normal part of the process of salesmanship, there is that which crosses the line into hypocrisy. Why do politicians insult us this way?

(Via FactCheck.org.)

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