Weapon of Choice

My Apple – PowerBook G4 15-inch laptop is my weapon of choice for computing for one simple reason: it gets out of my way and let’s me accomplish what I want to do. Unlike the Windoze machines I use or have used in the past, descriptions like “plug-n-play” and “it just works” actually apply.
The best part is how it takes care of the mundane stuff for me while allowing me to concentrate on details I care about. If I want Apache to launch, I can do it in as little as 4 clicks of my mouse. Now, that’s easy computing! I have the option dig into the Unix minutae to configure the web server and have done so when necessary. This is power of the platform: I’m not forced to use “wizards” that always seem to complicate rather than simplify or edit text files and memorize countless options.
Apple is that company that makes “Insanely Great” products, which is great for us users. Unfortunately, for Apple as a business this is not the standard by which profitability is guaranteed. In the business world, he who markets best gets to laugh…period.
These days, it’s still a matter of ideology. There are people who will run Windows no matter what pain they must endure and there are people who think that Apple will save the world. The more pragmatic of us, simply use the the tool that best suits our needs and tastes…in that order.

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