Obama puts critics of financial overhaul on notice – Yahoo! News

Obama puts critics of financial overhaul on notice – Yahoo! News:

“‘It will have the power to set tough new rules so that companies compete by offering innovative products that consumers actually want and actually understand,’ Obama said. ‘Those ridiculous contracts — pages of fine print that no one can figure out — will be a thing of the past. You’ll be able to compare products, with descriptions in plain language, to see what is best for you.‘”

(Via Yahoo! News.)

This is exactly what these companies don’t want.

Big Government

UPDATE: Fixt graphics and site updates yearly.

Great site on the Federal Budget in visuals. The DoD defense budget budget for military and national security spending just for this year 2009 came to almost $800B. I don’t hear a peep about this from the “Strong Defense”/”Big Government Bad” conservative crowd.

Stimulate the Economy

Obama stimulus plan faces changes in Senate – Yahoo! News:

“WASHINGTON – A top Republican called for more mortgage relief and additional tax cuts in President Barack Obama’s massive economic stimulus package as Democrats conceded privately they will drop items that have drawn bipartisan criticism.”

(Via Yahoo! News.)

Finally, some sense from the Congress. I’ve been suspicious of them since the TARP fiasco. Whatever happened to good governance? Apparently, once you are in power, it fades into the background. I’ve seen tortured logic trying to justify “pork” projects that don’t stimulate the economy. These projects are to vary degrees laudable and worthy of legislation all on their own, but let’s get real here. Tax cuts and government spending that creates jobs is what is needed. Condoms are not stimulative in the proper sense!