Entitlement Hypocrisy

Entitlement Hypocrisy:

“Apparently, though, Dr. Harris has never needed to purchase insurance, at least until now. He wasn’t aware that COBRA allows him to purchase insurance for himself and his family so that they won’t be without insurance until the new policy kicks in. Because of that, he apparently went ballistic when he found out that his new government subsidized health insurance would not kick in until February 1st. He, like all of us, does not want his family to go without health care insurance coverage. I’m guessing he is intimately aware of what surgery and anesthesiology services cost to people who don’t have insurance — or how difficult it is for people without insurance to get care if they have an accident, injury, or illness while they are uninsured.”

(Via God’s Politics Blog.)

Like I said in the past, you get the government you deserve.  If you want better government, vote for better people.  Harris is just one more example of why I don’t trust GOP rhetoric or ideology.  It’s just a cover for selfishness in its many forms based on ignorance.

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