That’s Why They are Called Unidentified

The UFO Phenomenon — Seeing Is Believing – ABC News:

“But as one of the world’s leading theoretical physicists says in the program, ‘You simply cannot dismiss the possibility that some of these UFO sightings are actually sightings from some object created by … a civilization perhaps millions of years ahead of us in technology.'”

(Via ABC News.)

Saw this on NatGeo instead of the original airing, but I’m convinced UFO’s are real. (What they actually are is another matter) I’m not convinced all sightings are of UFO’s, but there are simply too many eyewitness accounts where the seer, conscious of public ridicule, is hesitant to go all X-Files but claim emphatically that they were not witness to weather balloons, swamp gas, stars on horizon, blimps, flares, helicopters, etc. These are pilots, police officers, and of course the general public. What was a clincher for me is when a police officer responding to a call he asks is a jokes sees the same object the caller claims he’s seeing. Skeptics are not given to hysteria or conspiracy.

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