video: Biden on religion, abortion video: Biden on religion, abortion:


Good answer. I wonder if the bishop would deny leadership to those pro-death penalty Republicans? The Church teaches against that too. I have no love for that hypocrisy.

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  1. Anyone interested in a ‘PRO-LIFE VOTERS FOR OBAMA-BIDEN’ coalition???
    As a former Republican (now a registered Democrat/ still ProLife) — recognizing that a general election is about more than one single issue — I have been out canvassing on behalf of the Obama-Biden ticket…. Hearing a lot of comments regarding the dilemna* people are having reconciling their pro-life convictions with Obama’s stance on abortion/ ‘pro-choice’.
    Have personally been turned off by the hypocrisy of some so-called ‘pro-life’ candidates who advocate extending an immoral war against a country that never attacked us and who have no regard for issues such as poverty and conservation (i.e., preserving God’s creation for future generations), etc.
    I have also been recommending that folks review Biden’s proposed solutions to the Pro-Life vs. Pro-Choice debate, as discussed in this video.
    Have thought about this a lot and honestly believe that the dilemna expressed translates into numerous votes.
    Please feel free to share comments, and let me know if I can help in any way.
    ‘PRO-LIFE VOTERS FOR OBAMA-BIDEN’ should be printed prominantly on bumper stickers, posters, pins, websites (as in the case of ‘Women For Obama’, ‘ Veterans For Obama’ , etc…..

  2. LOL. Good answer too Bonita! I hate abortion, but I’m not prepared to criminalize it or even impose my judgment if our society isn’t prepared to support the children that result. Personal responsibility indeed.

  3. I am interested in a Pro-lifers for Obama/Biden coalition. Where do I sign up? Where do I get those bumper stickers?
    Just to reiterate to my fellow Catholics. Obama is against partial birth abortion and late term abortion and has said so. He is also against mental health of the mother being used as a reason for abortion. He did get in trouble with the pro-choice group for his mental health stand. He is definitely against criminalizing women so is pro-choice in that regard.
    As far as his voting record goes, most of it is smeared by the Republicans to try to paint him as a baby killer which he is not.
    Take the illinois bill. There was already a law on the books which I believe Obama voted for preventing late term and partial birth abortion so the new bill was a moot point and just a sneaky way to try to overturn Roe vs. Wade.
    The truth is that voting for a pro-choice candidate only increases abortions. When I cast a vote for Obama I am voting pro-life. He has reached out to Democrats Against Abortion to help us eliminate the causes of abortion so that poor women can keep their babies. In 10 years or less we intend to reduce abortions by 95%. With the Republicans all you get is a pro-life label and an increase in abortions. Get smart. Quit paying lip service to abortion and mocking God. Do something about it. Voting for a Republican only increases it.
    I used to think that overturning Roe vs. Wade would be desirable but I have changed my mind after seeing the venom in the religious right. It isn’t hard to imagine the religious right insisting on putting scared little girls to death for committing an abortion and I’m not comfortable with that. As far as the Supreme Court overturning the law, what good would that do? In countries where abortion is illegal, they have as many abortions as they had before and not all of them are recorded. Besides, overturning the law would merely send it to the states who would decide the issue individually. You’d still have some states for it so that’s where desparate people would go. If we really want to end abortion, we need someone like Obama who is willing to work with us to end the economic causes of it. If you want it to go on forever, keep voting for Republicans. Its their ticket to office, their golden goose and if you think they’ve going to end abortion or kill that golden goose you’re dreaming.

  4. Sorry for the late reply. But I agree with you. My pastor is fully convince abortions will slow during Obama’s administration.

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