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I’m no abomination, says gay bishop – World – Times Online:

GENE ROBINSON, the first openly gay bishop in the history of the Anglican Communion, stood before 1,500 American Episcopalians and proclaimed: “I’m not an abomination in the eyes of God.” The Episcopal Church should “stand up for right”, he insisted.
Moments later, Robert Duncan, the conservative Bishop of Pittsburgh, took the microphone to declare that the Church had reached an “impossible moment” and was on the brink of an historic schism.

I have to admit, I’m a little torn about this. Obviously, the schism of a church, defined here as a specific way of loving God, could be torn asunder. That’s not something that’s pleasant or desired. The children of such a schism would ideologically more coherent and cohesive, but is this something we want on the large scale of Christianity? Or do we want something more democratic? I spoke to a Bishop, just yesterday in fact, about the paradox of an open mind reaching an uncompromising position. A paradoxical state actually takes work since such an equilibrium is highly unstable. Is this something that can be practiced by an entire faith? I hope so, but I do wonder if it is possible.

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