Fuzzy Math

What Ails GM and America?: Why the Rich Get Richer – Yahoo! Finance:

“I would say that what’s good for GM and for America is to treat workers and investors fairly. Tell us the truth. Admit incompetence. Stop pretending. Stop the fuzzy math. Of course, telling the truth will mean being thrown out of office, but that might be a good start for an economic recovery.”

I’ve long been a fan of Robert Kiyosaki and the Rich Dad, Poor Dad series of books and was surprised to come across this gem of an article. Not for the writing, but for the statement on our leaders inability to even adequately manage this country’s vast wealth. This applies esp. to Bush who has borrowed into the stratosphere. And let’s not forget that in the midst of repealing the so-called “death tax” that only 1 in 37,000 of us will actually pay. More of the burden for repaying this debt will fall to our children long after those who are responsible for it have left the scene.

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