Silent but Deadly

Black Americans quiet on Darfur crisis:

“There are other matters that slow black American involvement in Darfur.
For example, it is unfolding at a time when ‘black Americans have lost momentum with Africa overall,’ said Marie Clark Brill, a program and mobilization planner with Africa Action, a 50-year-old group that pushes for positive activism for Africa. Unlike the anti-apartheid fervor, which was spawned in an era when black Americans, still inspired by ‘Roots,’ were reaching out to build solidarity with Africa.
‘Now,’ said Ms. Clark Brill, ‘we see a disconnect with the continent because of HIV and other issues.'”

We need to be more concerned and involved. Ironically, the reasons we aren’t are because the issues though race driven are not black and white, so to speak, and they haven’t been cogently presented to stir up Black folk. Like Rwanda where black folk were killing each other based on ethnicity, its hard for the tragedy to play into viceral racial righteous indignation there, and I suspect something similar is going on here.

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