Make Love Not War

Yahoo! News – Army Defends Baghdad Battle That Left 16 Dead
This article is a rare glimpse into what war is like even for those who might stand on moral high ground. War is hell. War is evil. It certainly isn’t surgery. And this is why it can never, ultimately win against terrorism. It can defeat an enemy, but not a tactic or a motive, i.e. hatred.
The day after the Towers fell, I saw a sign on the road that read “Kill All Towel-heads.” It didn’t discriminate or hurl rage at terrorists, it hurled a racial epithet. Would any Iraqi who lost someone in this tragedy, who is caught up in the same grief and rage we were, really think any different about us? Tragedies like this recruit for an enemy who needs hatred to gain recruits.
Terrorism is like a grease fire for military might. What usually would put out the fire, our superiority, actually causes it to spread. My heart goes out to the soldiers who have to bear the weight of this conflict and to the thousands Iraqis who are lost in grief. Hopefully, we can let love prevail and defeat the hate that fires terrorism and heal wounds such as these.

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