Marriage of Convenience

Lately I’ve been in a sort of funk. What I’ve been reading in the news is disturbing and frightening. The latest round of affronts on personal freedoms have had me feeling greatly saddened about my country and the value for which I believe it stands. America is about tolerance, or so I thought until “my” president sought an amendment to the constitution that would essentially define a group of second class citizens, much like it did to slaves by classifying them as 3/5 of a person.

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Is Jay-Z Keepin’ it Real?

Jay-Z is arguably the current King of Hip Hop music with a string of multiplatinum albums. I give much props to the brother for making it in that shark infested business called the entertainment industry. But this success leaves me a little uneasy.
It wasn’t that long ago when I listened to Public Enemy curse the Grammy’s for ignoring rap music as a genre. Underground artists would regularly dis mainstream artists like the Fresh Prince, Young MC, etc. who were seen as sellouts because they were perceived to have sacrificed artistic truth for commercial success. It was the Jedi against the Empire.

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