Geek Product Design

The OpenOffice Mouse – Boing Boing: “It supports Windows, Linux, and Macintosh operating systems, will retail for $74.99, and is not a joke. [OpenOfficeMouse]” (Via Boing Boing.) And this is why engineers rarely can design products for mortal computer users. UPDATE: Forgot photo

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Annapolis is not Just a Town in Maryland

On the White House – With ‘Annapolis,’ a Warning to Israel – “By bringing up the word, Mr. Obama was sending a warning to the government of new Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that reneging on the goals outlined during the Annapolis Middle East peace conference in 2007 would put Mr. Netanyahu on the …

I’m Back

Took a short (or long depending on how you look at it) hiatus from the blog to focus on the job among other things. But now I’m looking to wax prosaic on my PowerBook now and again. Hopefully I’ll have the discipline and skill to keep it short and sweet. Just like now!