R.oB.: You’re Supposed to Get What You Pay For – http://t.co/JHFuy7O3

Get the tissue. Then help me help a super special girl this holiday season. http://t.co/vaUbgCeG

I need some crackers to go with this cheese. LOL http://t.co/QnYret98

I will happily be an honorary Jew now that there are 8 days of gifts ahead! 🙂 Happy Hanukkah on behalf of all the goyim! God is with you!

Kinect Voice Not Commanding – http://t.co/z7Dcvk7u #li #RLB

More on the Louis C.K. Experiment – http://t.co/SJzLJ4GF #li #RLB

You get the government you deserve…every time. #RLB #li http://t.co/3ekEmxsK

Beleagured Doesn’t Begin to Describe It – http://t.co/pKZezBUi #li #RLB