Twitter Updates for 2011-12-03

  • I hate disrupting Amari's routine. I can be ice cold saying "No" but distraught tearful pleas of "Daddy don't go!" rip my heart out. #
  • Great advice. Doubt it'll be taken. "What the cable industry could learn from Twitter" #RLB #li #
  • Listening to Keynote for BizTech@Wharton conference. Penn grads. Penn VC. The Network lives. #
  • Entrepreneurship is about smart hustling at first. started driving a truck and packaging on a home lawn. #RLB #li #
  • At BizTech@Wharton. All I see are iPhones and iPads. The tech works. It's used. #
  • @OmarWoodard right! #
  • AmEx is the whipping boy on "Alternative Currencies" panel. Old. Stodgy. But ginormous. BizTech@Wharton #
  • BizTech@Wharton conference. Good stuff! (@ The Ritz-Carlton, Philadelphia w/ 11 others) [pic]: #
  • Fix those lights! (@ RadioShack) #
  • Fooooood! (@ Chick-fil-A) #
  • Almost half a BILLION dollars up in smoke! "RIM to Take $485 Million Bath on Unsold PlayBooks " #RLB #li #

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