Twitter Updates for 2011-09-13

  • I'm at Wyndmoor Montessori (1400 E Willow Grove Ave, Wyndmoor) #
  • The neti pot: disgustingly effective. #
  • Today I heard the president describe his plan as insurance against a double dip recession and jobs creator. "It could be worse" redux? #
  • Methinks he needs to have a "call you out" redux during the healthcare "debate." Put Rebs on the spot: make them spell out alternatives. #
  • Obama about to speak. Can we get some bully at the pulpit? Please? #
  • Bruh, a binder clip? You couldn't get a binder or something? LOL #
  • Hey J and Andre, I like the payroll tax holiday for smart hires. But I'm still frustrated by the size of this bill. Congress water down. #
  • Thanks for making sure we increase revenue, Mr. President. Budgets can't beat arithmetic. #
  • I gotta give him credit for keeping it simple and calling out the GOP for not working with Obama at the expense of America. But more force! #
  • "Pick up the phone, send an email, hire a sky writer, dust off fax machine, or send a letter." OK #

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