Twitter Updates for 2011-08-12

  • At SBA workshop: "Selling to the Federal Government" If this is Obama's hatred for business, please keep hating! LOL #
  • If Obama scaled up what I'm seeing now at the SBA, the Tea Party would disappear overnight. Whoa. #
  • Marketing to the government is like investment banking. If you can do the work, $$$$$$$. #
  • Eagles! #
  • Driver shud hav paid a10shun #
  • POWER meeting! (@ st. williams) #
  • It is really cool to do God's work and see results but still the left doesn't know what the right hand is doing. To God be ALL the glory! #
  • purchased Just an Illusion (Extended Version) by Imagination… This song is the bomb. Have the original… #iTunes #

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