Twitter Updates for 2011-06-15

  • @SuccesStrategic typo from iPhone autocorrect. Accident. #
  • I'm at Wyndmoor Montessori (1400 E Willow Grove Ave, Wyndmoor) #
  • @SuccesStrategic Stupid auto correct. I meant I have by accident not on purpose. #
  • @SuccesStrategic Yes! Happy my son is good. Happy my wife loves her job. Me, I'm frustrated but nothing a little work can't fix. You? #
  • To folks worried 'bout me. 1st Thanks! 2nd Frustration is NOT unhappiness. My son frustrates me on the regular. I'm quit happy with him! #
  • I'm at McDonald's (7800 Germantown Ave, Philadelphia) #

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