Twitter Updates for 2011-06-07

  • Yesterday, I joined with some God-fearers who are fed up with politics leaving people voiceless and POWERless. That we are going to change. #
  • @ShaunKing I will be working on an opening convention for an interfaith movement in Philly that will bring POWER to the least of these. #
  • I'm at Wyndmoor Montessori (1400 E Willow Grove Ave, Wyndmoor) #
  • I'm at Starbucks (8515 Germantown Ave, btw Highland Ave & Evergreen Ave, Philadelphia) #
  • I've been call the evil capitalist/socialist who wants to bring misery to freedom loving people by left/right. Ideology is such bullshit… #
  • The real problem in our economy. // 10 Year Real Wage Growth Worse Than During Depression #RLB #in #
  • 3 out of 4 Americans between the ages of 20 and 75 will spend AT LEAST 1 year in poverty. Now THAT'S poverty! #
  • 31.7% of heads of households (families with children) make less than $10 per hour. And this is pre-recession! America isn't working right. #
  • Watching WWDC Keynote, painful to watch Jobs. Praying he pulls through. #
  • #Mac OS X Lion is $29.99! #FTW #RLB #in #

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