Twitter Updates for 2011-05-17

  • I'm at Wyndmoor Montessori (1400 E Willow Grove Ave, Wyndmoor) #
  • Figuring out what to do about my flooding. (@ Starbucks) #
  • I have a lot of crap to do! #
  • Getting financial reports printed. (@ St. Raymond Catholic Church) #
  • Lunch to plan my next water removal moves and call my wife for stress relief. (@ Chick-fil-A) #
  • I'm at Wyndmoor Montessori (1400 E Willow Grove Ave, Wyndmoor) #
  • Damp Rid? (@ The Home Depot #4185 #
  • Damp Rid! (@ Target) #
  • Police state here we come! How many poor, innocent black and brown folk will have there doors knocked down routinely? #
  • iPhone’s Share of the Entire Mobile Phone Market in Q1 < Apple is making all the money. #RLB #in #
  • Strategies: Suddenly, Gold Isn’t Looking So Solid < There's no reason other than paranoia to invest IMO. #RLB #in #
  • Health Insurers Making Record Profits as Many Postpone Care < "Obamacare" is destroying the industry!  #
  • This is why I don't subscribe to the WSJ. Upfront, clear bias is one thing. Lies are another. #RLB #in #
  • You just can't have it both ways > NPR: Vatican Issues Guidance For Sex Abuse Cases-More at #
  • Memphis school gets surprise from Obama (from @cnn) #
  • Why do people think Stephen Hawking is more qualified to talk professionally about God? He run any experiments falsifying His existence? #
  • @Catsmikeguy I love those atheists who insist we believe them without the very thing they require for belief: proof. #FAIL #
  • @Catsmikeguy Funny but ultimately weak. That brand of atheism amounts to: "I don't believe in God ergo He must not exist." Yeah, OK. #
  • @tanehisi Race is indeed bull$&?! >> Black Confederates Revealed #

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